Customized presentations are available for groups, conferences, or corporate clients. Presentation vary in length according to the requirements of the client. Presentations are usually educational in nature. Recent examples of some presentations are:

  • 2013 CSSE National Conference
  • 2014 Western Safety Conference
  • 2014 Calgary CSSE chapter
  • 2014 Edmonton CSSE chapter
  • 2014 HSCSA Conference

Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are usually charged lump sum plus travel expenses. Fees may be waived for volunteer organizations.

Engagements and presentations can be customized to the client as required. Some examples are:

  • Safety culture
  • Safety measures and metrics
  • Pyramids and myth
  • Dissent - embracing it and voicing it
  • Worker Compensation
  • Drug testing programs
  • International approaches to safety
  • Getting the most out of your safety team
  • Measuring the effectiveness of safety people
  • Safety and ROI
  • Hazard assessment and analysis
  • Supervisors and their responsibilities
  • The Internal Responsibility System
  • Risk and outrage

Speaking and Presentations