Audits, Surveys, and Gap Analysis 


Surveys are a useful tool to:

  • Determine if bullying is an issue in the workplace
  • Determine if harassment is an issue in the workplace
  • Determine employee perceptions related to a wide variety of topics


Audits can be conducted to: 

  • Prepare for formal audits such as COR or other certification audits 
  • Gauge organizational effectiveness 
  • Assess risk 
  • Validate processes effectiveness and relevance 

Gap analysis

Rarebit consulting offers gap analysis on a per case basis for clients. Gap analysis is a helpful tool to understand the gaps in the systems with regard to specific protocols such as:

  • COR Audit protocol;
  • ISO 45001;
  • Program specific gaps;
  • Process specific gaps; and
  • Other specific client requirements.

Certificate of Recognition (COR) Audits

Internal and external COR audits can be performed in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario or other provinces. Ask us how you can save money by conducting multi-provincial audits.

Rarebit consulting also offers free cost benefit analysis to assist in maximizing audit savings.

Investigations and Audits

Sometimes an outside perspective is helpful in conducting an investigation, or audit. 

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Investigations can be complex particularly in serious matters. When it comes to investigations, we did write the book. Discreet and professional investigations and assessments are available upon request and subject to investigator availability. All investigations are conducted by professional investigators.

Investigations can be conducted for:

  • Workplace incidents
  • Fatality investigations
  • Human rights complaints/investigations
  • Harassment complaints/investigations
  • Bullying complaints/investigations
  • Workplace violence complaints/investigations

​Investigative Consulting

Investigations performed by other can sometimes lead to questions about the process, about the in findings, and about the evidence.

Our licenced investigators can assist with:

  • Investigation report analysis
  • Defining investigation methodology; and
  • Reviewing the complaint and investigative process

​​Preparing for investigations

Does your company have what is needed to handle potential situations where there is a report or reasonable belief that harassment, bullying to workplace violence has occurred? Rarebit Consulting uses licenced investigators to assist with:

  • Assessing organizational readiness to manage complaints;
  • Building processes;
  • Advising on existing practices; and
  • Reviewing previous incidents to assist in process improvement.