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Incident Investigation and Root Cause Training

(1 or 2 Day)

Who should enroll: Safety practitioners who wish to learn more about investigation techniques and root cause analysis. Supervisors who must oversee investigations and corrective actions. Managers who must review incident investigations reports. Anyone looking to gain an understanding of how investigations should be conducted and how they should fit into the company Health and Safety System or Strategy.

The course: Part one covers investigation and reporting, most common loss causation models, and six phases of incident investigation. Attendees will learn to effectively investigate incidents and generate necessary reports. Supervisors and managers will gain insight into the process to allow them to effectively review investigation reports to determine their validity.

Part two will cover root cause analysis utilizing the most commonly used loss causation model (Bird/DNV) and the associated Systematic Cause Analysis Technique.

Attendees will learn both theory and through practical exercises, based on real incidents. The course will deliver a working knowledge of incident causation and root cause analysis.

Safety committee startup or refocusing  sessions.

Need to get a committee off on the right foot with a n initial meeting/training session?

We can offer the expertise and methods that will give any committee a good start.

Need to get an existing committee refocused on the things that will make it successful?

We can help with a session that helps the committee identify how to get back on track. Follow-up is available to see the project or initiatives through. 

Skills Workshops

Need to hone some skills on communication, hazard assessments, or just group communication. Short sessions are available

Training assessment

Not sure what you need? Training assessments determine the recommended training for your workforce

Customized training solutions

Need something juts for your company. You may be surprised how easy and affordable this option is.

Orientation Systems

orientation not really effective? Take it online with automated tracking and custom content for your company

Motivational sessions

Need a pick me up or marking some special occasion? Book a session for you people to get them positively focused. See the speaking and presentations page.

 Supervisor training

Newly promoted supervisors may struggle with their responsibilities and not understand their role. Custom supervisor training or coaching is available